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$1300 Event Blogging Case Study [Website Revealed]

Written by Iftekhar Ahmed

Event Blogging!! Hmm, Something I and my Business Partner did many times in the past few years. With experience, we’ve had great success as well. We made up to $30,000 from a single event !!

So, just to make it clear…

It’s still a good way to add money to your pockets.

What I believe is, EVENT SELECTION is Key to your success.

Anyways, in this post, I won’t be sharing the case study of my 5 figure event blogs, rather I will be sharing a complete study of a blog that did pretty good as compared to the amount of work we put into it.

Also, this particular event was not primarily my idea, rather it was one of my friend Rajat Garg who approached me and my partner to work together.

This case study will not contain the A-Z of Event Blogging, rather I will encourage you to analyze my URL for various factors.

Full Case Study of My Event Blog

Hmm !!  So the event was “WWE Summerslam” (the year 2015). 🙂

Heard of it?? Well, if you know WWE, you must be knowing that every year there are over 10+ Main events conducted by WWE (The biggest being Wrestlemania, followed by Royal Rumble).

Summerslam is also a pretty good event to target so we jumped onto it.

Here are few stats that you would like to know !!

  • Site URL: (not linking it as I don’t want to pass juice through this post)
  • Domain Creation Date: 10th May 2015
  • Event Date: 23rd August 2015

Note: I did this event in 2015 and 2016 on the same domain. 🙂

Our main keywords were:

  1. SummerSlam Live Streaming
  2. SummerSlam Results
  3. Summerslam 2015 live stream
  4. Summerslam 2015 results

And all related keywords. (Can’t list them all)

As you can see, we registered the domain 100 days before the event. This was done so that we can add up some quality content for a month to create some authority and later start posting the main “Keyword-based” articles.

My Content Strategy 

Here’s a snap showing our first 8 articles.

We posted our first article on 21st May and then posted 4 articles in the next month. This was a mistake, now I usually suggest at least 2 articles every week to keep the site updated.

Anyways for us, it was simple as we were not having much competition from other event blogs. Most of the people were not doing event blogging on WWE and I was not aware of why there was no competition on WWE events.

Hmm, so another point I would like to bring is that our initial articles were more of informational and was basically just NEWS. I knew that those were not my target keywords and that news articles will not rank.

Then why did I post??

Well, here’s a good reason to it. I wanted Google to look my blog as a quality addition to its search engine and didn’t want Google to see it as a Blog just made to target some date specific highly searched keywords.

These news/random articles later helped me build authority.

So here’s a take from this: Whenever you start an event blog, do not start right off with the main keyword articles, instead, try writing something more interesting. 

Like, if you are planning to start one event blog on Christmas wishes, you don’t have to post your first article targeting “Christmas wishes” keyword, instead go for articles like “How is Christmas Celebrated in the USA” or “Best Ideas to Celebrate Christmas with Family”. Pick keywords that are related to your event but not the ones you are targeting. It doesn’t matter whether these initial articles rank or not. Also, don’t worry if these initial articles are having huge competition.

Our aim is to first add some quality content to make our blog look more natural instead of just a keyword-stuffed blog.

So, in total, we posted 22 articles for the event in 2015 and 26 articles for the event in 2016. Note that, the site now has 58 articles as we covered some more WWE events on the website.

I will not be talking more about the content and on-page SEO as you can check up the site yourself. (I won’t be renewing the domain, so if the domain expires, you can still check up the things at

Off-Page SEO – Backlink Strategy Used

Hmm, this is something everyone wants to learn about.

One thing that you should understand that “what worked for me, may not work for you”. Also, it all depends on the competition of your event.

My event was kinda easy, so I didn’t need many backlinks. I spent less than 5$ for backlinks and my SummerSlam event blog was ranked.

Have a look at the current ahrefs stats 🙂 (Few backlinks are dropped now)

Yep, we made backlinks from less than 100 referring domains (Maybe 60-70).

Anyways, here’s the anchor cloud;

Yes, it may look a bit spammy, but that’s what worked for me. Anyways, now, I suggest NOT to make more than 20% backlinks for any particular anchor.

One thing I would like you to note is, NAKED URL backlinks help a lot. It builds a bit of trust and balances your backlink profile. We also did the same and made a good amount of naked backlinks.

What about the type of backlinks?? 

For event blogging, I usually avoid spending money on high-quality backlinks (unless I am working on something very big).

So for Summerslam, I and my business partner (Karan Wyas) decided to go for comment backlinks. We started the backlinks process 1 month after the domain was created. We wanted the site to first get stable with few articles.

One thing you should note is, “Never start backlink creation too early.”

I’ve seen many event bloggers failing just because they are not patience enough. What many people do is, they start creating backlinks for their main keywords but they don’t even have articles for that.

How and Why will Google Rank your Event blog if your blog doesn’t even have content having the keywords???

So, first post enough content and make sure your keyword based articles are published and indexed on Google. Once done, then you can start your backlink process.

Coming back to my blog, well, as I said, it was all about comment backlinks. You can read an entire guide on Comment backlinks where I explained everything I followed.

You can use these services for your event blogs:

  • 50 Dofollow Comment Backlinks for $2 – Check Now
  • 200 DoFollow Blog Comments for $5 – Check Now
  • 32 Dofollow Comment Backlinks for $1 – Check Now
  • 132 Good Dofollow Comment Backlinks for $5 – Check Now 

Just make sure you give them 4-5 anchor texts. 😉

I won’t be talking more about backlinks, but yeah, here are few points that may help you. 🙂

  • Use tools to Scrape backlinks of other event blogs.
  • Analyze Anchor texts of ranking event blogs
  • Try to make links on pages with low OBL (Outbound links)
  • Avoid using lists shared by others. Most of them are spammed by many links.
  • There’s no fixed number of how many links you should create.
  • Focus on unique referring domains instead of creating many backlinks on the same domain.

Hmm !!!

That was pretty much it, but guess what !!!

You still want to see some numbers, don’t you??? 😛

Summerslam Event Blog Traffic & Income Stats

Note that, our blog was ranking for both Summerslam 2015 and Summerslam 2016. Here are the traffic stats for both the years.

In 2015, we managed to get over 57000 Unique sessions. 

While in 2016, we managed to get 54000 Unique sessions. 

As you can see, the stats are pretty much the same for both the years. This also shows that, if everything is done properly, then the same blog can be used every year. (2015 and 2016 had seen good number of updates from Google and we survived them all)

This year, we won’t be working on this blog as I have many other projects to focus on. So, this site is no longer being updated. 


Some of you might be wondering about the highest real-time traffic this blog got.

Well, being honest, I don’t know. USA and Indian Time zones are completely opposite. The event as per my local time was at 5 AM or 6 AM  and yes at that time I was sleeping.. bzzzzz !!!!

However, my partner did manage to capture a snapshot.

Not bad, huh ??

Have a look at locations 🙂

The final question!!

What were the Earnings?

I don’t have any exact data as the AdSense Account used was of someone else, however, we made:

  • $700+ in 2015
  • $600+ in 2016

In total, this blog gave around $1300. 

And here’s the final breakdown of money spent and earned.

  • $10-12 for Domain 
  • Less than $5 for Backlinks. (Earlier we used to make backlinks manually)
  • Articles were written by my partner.
  • Total time invested during 2 years: Less than 40 Hours. 

As it was not a major event or project, all work was done without disturbing our major projects. 🙂

Hmm, so let me ask you one final question. Do you still think event blogging is tough???

A BIG NO!!! Do it correctly, pick the right event and you will definitely earn well with your event blog.

This event was a different experience for me as I usually don’t do such events. After this event, I learned that such events are much easier to rank and bank. We could have made a lot more during Summerslam had I spent more time on keyword research. Moreover, I still remember that our ad placements were not that good as our CTR was quite low. We couldn’t optimize it due to the time zones.

We simply woke up with $700+ in our account 🙂 

I am wondering if I should post some case studies related to my CPA experience. Do let me know in comments 😉

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