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How I Rocked Black Friday 2015 by making 4000$

Case Study of Hostgator Black Friday MoneyGossips
Written by Suprabhat

Most of the bloggers and web-masters were eagerly waiting for this case study in which I ranked a single post and banked $4000 in just 4 days. Yes, you heard it right $4000 in 4 days! It was not a event niche blog but yes it was an event  i.e Black Friday!! 🙂 Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year for online business.

And, to be honest I did nothing new this year, except little link building. It all started in November 2014 when I wrote a quick blog post on Black Friday Hostgator 2014 deals and fortunately was able to rank it on 1st page for some of long tail keywords as competition was very low. I was almost ranking for 4-5 such keywords which helped me bank $600 on Black Friday 2014.

In this post you will get to know about all the things I have done to rank my post on the 1st page without PBN.

NB: If your competitors are already ranking for any such keywords, you can use this simple sweet steal technique to boost blog traffic.

What I Did on Black Friday 2014?

Getting back to Nov 2014, I started my blog just 2 months before i.e September 2014. That time I actually know nothing about Black Friday and Cyber Monday but just few days before the event Paul (my friend) told me about this, and as my exams were going on, I didn’t took it seriously. I still wrote the post with few keywords and did proper On-Page SEO and that’s all.
In next half hour after publishing the post, what I found was quite astonishing, my blog post was ranking on 3rd page for those long tail keywords. Now I was having only a couple of days in hand to do something. So I did some link building from CommentLuv Enabled blog, Forum Commenting and Social bookmarking and this is what helped me ranked on 1st page for some of the top keywords.

Note: I found those keywords using a keyword suggestion tool. TheSEOTools was my secret tool which helped me find some good long tail keywords.

Keywords for Black Friday Hostgator

And just by doing this I did 13 sales, though after removing invalid sales I made $600.

What I Did on Black Friday 2015?

So Everybody wanted to know about what I did which helped me get to 1st page for the main keyword (Black Friday Hostgator) on Black Friday 2015. This time I did 2 tier link building for my main post, below I have mentioned all the steps I have taken.

1. At first I gathered the list of keywords for which I was already ranking, there were around 20 such keywords.

2. I then created 4 more blogs (3 on and 1 on

3. In all the 4 blogs I did 20 posts (5 on each blog), then did link building for all the posts.

Here’s the structure of link building that I followed.

Tired Link Building For MoneyGossips Black Friday Post

Link building of all the blogs includes :

How Does Tired Link Building Works?

Link juice from High PR social bookmarking sites, Edu blogs, High PR sites and Directories first flow to tier 1 which included 4 web 2.0 blogs i.e (WordPress and Blogger blogs) and Infographic directory. And from the tier 1 sites, link juice flow to my main black friday hostgator post.

This way link juice from High PR sites and directories gets distributed equally among all the sites in the network. Hence increasing the power of link juice flowing to main post which boost your search engine ranking.

Taking SiteWide Links from your Own Blog:

Most of us forget, or I should say they don’t even take help (links) from their own blog. I had taken sitewide link from my own blog also. As I had many backlinks pointing to my homepage and my blog has around 130+ posts, so my Black Friday post got link juice from around 130 + numbers of posts pointing to my homepage + number of backlinks pointing to my various posts which really helped me in ranking my post on Black Friday 2015

What helped me in Maintaining Top SERP ?

Here’s a snap of a google search showing my post ranking #2

Black Friday Google Ranking


  • Updating the post in every 2 days: I kept on updating the post and used some pinging tools to made sure that the search engine knows about the updated content.
  • High CTR/ User Experience: In last year I already got many users from search engine which told search engine crawler that content is of good quality as the post was quite long and people used to stay over it for almost 2-3 minutes. Also some of my competitors opened my link from search engine which also helped me in maintaining the ranking. Thanks to all of them 😛

Hostgator Paid me $125 per Sale

Thanks to Hostgator, who paid $125/sale, as their affiliate program says if you can make more than 21 sales in a month then you get $125 for each active sale.

Profits Stats of Black Friday 2015

I was able to make 53 sales in total but there bl**dy affiliate system! Only 32 sales are active, remaining 21 are invalid sales according to their affiliate terms and conditions. So I would have made $6,625 in total but fortune led me to $4,000.


From the case study we can learn that, just focusing on only one product can also help you in making money easily. But what you need to do is to spend some time on research, plan the work and then finally implement it.

You can use this exact same strategy for your micro niche blogs, do find some product and join their affiliate programs. Always remain targeted and focused to your niche, goal and aim. Failure comes to everyone, but you should always learn something new from it and never repeat the same mistake.

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