Trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts

Hello Fellow Bloggers!! Today I’m going to share one more trick that I’ve been using since the past 3 months.


Should I share?? Ahh!!

Let’s do it, after all I’ve been getting a lot from my readers as well.

Trick to get 100+ Guaranteed Google Plus Votes to Every Blog Post


So here’s the case, with this trick you can get unlimited Google Votes to any of your link may it be direct domain link or any of your post link.


After so many updates including the recent Penguin and Panda Updates there has been numerous changes in Google SERP rankings. It can be observed that Post Length and Social Strength of a blog are the main key points for getting a good rank in Google.  Writing long posts (around 600-1000 words) is not a big deal for a regular blogger but yeah getting social shares (Fb likes, Google+ Votes, Tweets, Stumbles etc.) is not always an easy task.


Higher the number of social shares higher will be your rank in google (My Own Experiences). So try to get huge social shares onto your posts.


Firstly, Get a good social sharing widget onto your blog so that the reader can easily use them, I prefer Sharethis widget/ plugin. You can also try addthis or any other plugin but make sure you add all the common social network buttons.


How to get Social Shares?

If you have posted good quality content then you will surely get some shares but what if you don’t get good shares. No problem there’s a trick to get shares on each and every network.


Trick to get Facebook Likes. With every share of your post link on Facebook you get a like counted. So share your post on groups related to your post and get likes. You will then get further likes once someone likes your shared post on Facebook.



Trick to get Stumbles:
Well StumbleUpon is again a great source of traffic especially from USA, so you must never underestimate the power of it. To get good number of stumbles onto your posts all you need to do is just stumble your post link twice keeping a time difference of 12 hours between both the stumbles. I’m sure if your post has good content you will start receiving good stumbles.



Trick to get Tweets to your posts. Here I’ve explained the method to get tweets to your posts. It’s really helpful and the results have been great so far.


Trick to Get 100+ Google Votes to your Posts

So we are here now!! This is what you’ve been waiting for till now. Since Google+ is a part of Google, it considers it higher than any other social network. Google+ votes are one of the main factors that can decides your social strength in the eyes of Google.


Well the trick is quite simple and let me also tell you that this method is mainly for getting votes rather than traffic from Google+.


Steps to get Google+ Votes


Join Google+ Communities.  Yes!! Join some large communities having huge number of members in it. Just join all of them no matter on what topic they are.


Some Communities I recommend:
So Join around 20-30 Such Big Communities. Also Join some communities related to your blog niche.


Now go to google Image search and search for some Quotes images, Tech images, Funny Images etc and save them into your hard drive.


How to get 100+ Guaranteed Google Votes to Every Blog Post
Save the IMAGES to your HARD DRIVE


Here comes the tricky part. Open up any community and upload the image you saved earlier with your Post link.


How to get 100+ Guaranteed Google Votes to Every Blog Post
Add your POST URL in place of <YOUR LINK>
Hit the Share button. Now you will start getting good number of Plus ones on your photo as well the link you added in the text. (What actually happens is that, the members of the community will vote your photo but since you have also added your link to it, you will get a vote to your link as well.) Isn’t it tricky??


Here are some snaps showing the votes I got by sharing the pics along with my URL.

 How to get 100+ Guaranteed Google Votes to Every Blog Post


Here is a snap showing one of my post getting 91 G+ Votes. I just uploaded 3 images with the post link and you can see the result.

How to get 100+ Guaranteed Google Votes to Every Blog Post


Repeat this with every link and you will start getting Votes to your posts.

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I hope you liked this trick!! I will be waiting to hear from you. Why not help us by hitting those social buttons below, after all sharing is caring. 

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7 thoughts on “Trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Votes to your Blog Posts”

  1. Vishal Darsheel

    Hello Iftekhar,
    I Know Google plus Shares are very helpful for ranking our blog in Google. ( according to Moz data).

    Thanks for Sharing this awesome & cool trick but Google Share & Google Vote are different thing.

    If Google votes can help in ranking then i think Facebook spam likes will also help us little bit.

    Let us know…!


    Vishal Darsheel

  2. Really an awesome post. I wondered by reading this blog post. Thanks a lot for posting this unique post which you have shared with us. Keep on posting like this exclusive post with us.

  3. Thanks Iftekhar Ahmed for sharing some wonderful social media tricks. I applied google plus strategy for my pro soccer rebounder site and it slowly starting to work.

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