Best Third Party Commenting Systems For Blogger Blogs

The default commenting system of Blogger Blogs are quite simple. They only ask visitors for their name, phone number, email address and sometimes website URL. When Blogger was found, that is all the information really needed at that time.

At present Blogger Blogs does not have a very user friendly commenting system and normally people will hesitate to comment on your post if you are using default blogger commenting system. So in this post I will be listing some alternatives for the default Blogger Commenting System.

Best Third Party Commenting Systems For Blogger Blogs

Third Party Commenting System:

Comments are most important part of blogging (according to me). If you want to get more comments on your blog posts then you will have to opt-out for a third party commenting system instead of using the default system. There are many third party commenting system available for blogger blogs like Facebook Commenting System, Intense Debate, and Disqus etc.

Third Party Commenting System – Why You should Use It?

According to me if you are blogging on BlogSpot platform then you should shift your commenting system to a Third Party commenting system as soon as possible or else you will lose your valuable comments and traffic.

  • More Comments Increases Blog Traffic-This is the new SEO Strategy: Yes you read it right. This strategy works perfectly. More number of comments your blog post have, more will be its value in search engine rankings. It looks like after Penguin and Panda Updates Google is giving more priority to words. Nowadays the articles which has more words are ranked higher on Google than the articles which has fewer words.
  • So Should You Write Articles With More Words?  For this question, my answer will be No. If you write a long article then your reader will get annoyed and he will lose his interest in your article. So the idea which will help you to get higher rankings is to write an article with decent number of words i.e. 500-700 words and then get more comments on your article. Comments are also considered as your article’s words, so the more the comments are the more will be your blog post ranking in search engines.

Best Third Party Commenting Systems for your Blogger Blog:

You should choose the third party commenting system according to your blog niche. In this post I have mentioned some commenting systems which are best according to me. Take a look and then decide yourself which you should choose.

Disqus (Highly Recommended)When it comes to Third Party Commenting System for Blogger’s Blogs then the best commenting system is  Disqus. You can also remove this system anytime from your blog and the good thing is this that you will not lose any of your previous comments made with it. This is because of its great feature. In it Disqus syncs your comments with the default commenting system of the blogger. Not only this but when you add Disqus to your blog then the comments made before adding will also be synced, so that you won’t lose anything.

When you use Disqus commenting system make sure that you sync Disqus comments with blogger or else you will be losing all the SEO juice.

Best Commenting System For Blogger – Third Party

Google plus Commenting system is an alternative to the default commenting system of Blogger Blogs, this system is available to blog authors who have upgraded their Blogger profile to Google+.  Google Plus recently introduced its commenting system for Blogger blogs. This feature is great. Google Plus commenting system is a SEO friendly commenting system and it also adds social engagement to your blog posts.

Best Commenting System For Blogger – Third Party

Facebook Commenting System: Facebook commenting system is also a great commenting system for Blogger blogs. If you have huge Facebook fans, then I will recommend you to use this system for better results. This system will double your traffic. This is because when a visitor will comment on your blog post using this system then a notification will be sent to all of his friends that he have commented on a blog post with your post URL, so it will increase traffic. I will recommend to use this system only when you have more than 5000 Facebook Fans. If you have less fans then this system will not be profitable to you.

Best Commenting System For Blogger – Third Party

Livefyre is the most favorite commenting system of many bloggers. This blogging system is also used by some most famous site like Mashable and Endgadget. This commenting system is a real time commenting system which is Search Engine Optimized and can also be used through mobile devices. Visitor can login with various social media site and he will be notified via email for more comments.

A user can also post multimedia files into comments like Photo, Videos, and Audios. User can also bring his friend into the conversation by inviting him via twitter.

Best Commenting System For Blogger – Third Party

A new commenting system that features a Twitter-like follow and follower system on the blog. A user can share his thoughts by selecting one of the available emoticon icons. I like this thing very much in this commenting system because no other commenting system offers this type of comments. 

Best Commenting System For Blogger – Third Party

Intense debate is a commenting system which is developed by Automatic Team and by using this a user can comment through Open ID Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more. This system also supports threaded comments, replying via email and email notifications.

The strange thing that I have noticed is that other Automatic Projects do not use Intense Debate Commenting System. You can look at the blogs of WordPress, Akismet and VaultPress, you will find that the default commenting system being used in all instead of Intense Debate system.

Best Commenting System For Blogger – Third Party

One Should Use Third Party Commenting System or Not?

Earlier comments made using Disqus and Facebook, didn’t get indexed in Google Search, which was a big drawback of Blogger SEO. But when Google introduced third party commenting system for Blogger Blogs, Disqus and facebook system got viral and Google also started to index them. I will strongly recommend to use Facebook and Disqus commenting system to get more comments and to improve your website rankings as well
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7 thoughts on “Best Third Party Commenting Systems For Blogger Blogs”

  1. I’ve been looking for a third party comment system for my blog for a long time, the default one is not good at all. I will use disqus, since you said its the best.

    Thanks !

  2. This post is mainly for those who are not much satisfied with their existing commenting system on their blogs especially the blogger user. The default blogger blog commenting system is quite easy and I feel this quite odd.

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