How To Create A Facebook Page Without Name 2015 {UPDATED}

Its again a long time since I posted some common trick that can attract any person other than bloggers, so I have decided to come up with some such trick.

How To Create A Facebook Page Without Name 2014
Create A Facebook Page Without Name 
You all have must have seen Facebook pages without name or Facebook profiles without name or sometimes even empty status and comments, So today I will be sharing all these tricks in this post. 

The best part of these pages or profiles is that everyone attracts towards it, I myself have liked many pages with no name. So lets unroll the method.
If you want to make a new page with no name or if you already have a page and would like to have no name on it then follow the steps :

Create A Facebook Page Without Name 2014

  • Create a Facebook Page with any name of your choice and category, I prefer Cause – Community category. You can use the Code now also but its better to use it later on. If you want to apply this trick on any of your existing page then simply follow the steps from hereby. 
  • After you have created the page all you have to do is open the page as admin and go to the Page settings.
  • Now all you have to do is rename the page. 

iٌٌٌٌَُُftiseo   ٌٌٌٌَُُ

Create A Facebook Page Without Name 2014
This will come when you will paste it on your address bar.

Create A Facebook Page Without Name 2014
Use this code
  • Just Copy the above code and first paste in your address bar. Remove “iftiseo” and copy the code again. Now you have the code to have a page without name. See the picture if you have any doubt.
    Create A Facebook Page Without Name 2014
    Paste the code here and save it
  •  Just Click on Change page name and paste the code youv’e copied earlier. (The one without IFTISEO) and click save. The box will look empty so don’t worry, just click the save changes button.
  • Your page is now without any name. See Demo of one of my page that I created using this trick

Additional Tricks: 

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1. Post an empty Status
Just copy the code given above and paste it in the status box and post it. You have just posted an empty status.

2. Facebook Profile with No Name
Use the same code as your name and you will be having a profile with no name. (I haven’t tried it yet as we have only 3-5 chances of changing our Facebook name.) If you try it, do let us know about it in the comment sections.

3. Empty Comment
The same code works for empty comments as well. Just paste in the comment box and press enter.

I have explained this trick more very very briefly but still if you find any difficulties do let us know.
I hope you liked this post. Do share it with your friends, coz sharing is caring and it encourages us write more tips and tutorials.

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Post updated on 27th March 2015. Trick working as of today. 

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