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How to Share Your Post to All Facebook Groups By A Single Click

Written by Iftekhar Ahmed
Once you publish a post on your blog or website all you need to do is to expose it and the best way is by sharing it on social networks and other social bookmarking sites. Out of all one of the best source for getting traffic to your new blog post is ??

Is from Facebook Groups. 🙂 

So the question now arises. Have you joined Blogging Facebook groups or other FB groups of your Niche ? Do you share your posts on them ?  How much time does it takes to share your post on all fb groups manually ? 

How to Share Your Post to All Facebook Groups By A Single Click

I know it takes a lot of time. What if I share with you a method which I use and it takes me only 5 minutes to share my post in more than 70 groups. Yes its completely free, easy and safe. Its not like other methods where you have to login with your Facebook ID and then post, Its also not like collecting all the Facebook group ID’s and then mailing on them. ( You will find this method everywhere on net ). So today I have come up with this post on my reader’s request.

Steps to Follow: 

  • Firstly install a social sharing widget on your blog. We use ShareThis widget for blogger. Make sure you add the Facebook SEND button on it.
  • After Installing the sharing widget open up any post of your blog and scroll down at the end of the post. It should look as shown below.
Sharethis widget
  • Now you are done, just click on SEND button and a drop down lists will come showing your friend list and your groups. Just type anything relevant to your post in the message box and select all your groups in recipients as shown below.
Post to All Facebook Groups By A Single Click

  • After selecting all your groups just click the send button. It will now automatically post to all the selected groups. To confirm, just go to the activity log on your facebook profile and you can see all your posts.


Some Important Notes
  • You can use any social sharing widget which allows you to put FB send button.
  • Select a max of 50 groups at a time to avoid being caught by facebook.
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