Review: Earn Money Daily By Commenting

I’m back again with yet another earning method. Well this is not only an earning method but it is a lot more. I have tried it myself and made a good amount within a week so I highly recommend to try this site.


You might be confused about what I’m talking about, well let’s waste no more time in it. I am talking about


What is Review Review is a very popular Internet marketing social site for bloggers, affiliate marketers, webmasters and everyone related to internet and technology.


It is basically a 4 in 1 social bookmarking site. By 4 in 1 we mean:
  • An IM Content/News Site
  • An IM Social Networking Site
  • An IM Service/Software/Product Site
  • An IM Social Bookmarking Site
Members can share their blog posts or any other post/ article from all over the internet. The users can King (Like) the shares and the best shares remains on the home page.

Advantages of

Since it’s a very popular site with a lot of active members it provides the users a number of benefits.
  • It helps users to get more traffic to their site/blog.
  • It helps to build a good reputation in the blogging/IM world.
  • It leads to increase in blog comments.
  • It leads to increase in Search engine results and other ranks like ALEXA
  • You can Earn 10$ daily from it.
I have made the last point bold coz that’s the point due to which you are still reading this post.


Earn Money Daily By Commenting

Kingged started this giveaway on 1st February and they have given over more than 500$. Yes, it may look strange but it’s true. gives away 20$ daily to the best and the top commenters.


All you have to do is just leave your comments on the posts sharednon Kingged. There are lots of posts shared daily. Make sure you leave a quality comment.


Note: This giveaway will run for as long as possible with no end date.


Earn Money Daily By Commenting
Earn Money Daily By Commenting
There are 4 daily winners of this Cash Giveaway 
  • 1st Prize of 10$ to the top commenter of the day ( Member with Maximum
    Comments ) 
  • 2nd Prize of 5$ to the 2nd top commenter of the day
  • 3rd Prize of 5$ to any Random Comment
  • 4th Prize of 5$ to the Most Valuable Commenter of the day


So they giveaway 20$ daily by this. You can make a maximum of around 70$ in just a week by just commenting. Usually the top commenters win with around 30-40 comments and this should not be a hard task for those who are
really willing to make some cash. The money will be sent to your PayPal account every Monday. Review: Earn Money Daily By Commenting
My First Payment


 As you can see my First week Payment of 20$ from Kingged. You can also see the first winner who won 1st prize everyday and made 80$ in one week. Quite Impressive right ? 🙂


Some Important Points

Since it’s a very big giveaway the admin at Kingged (Kingsley) makes sure everything flows on track. So you must follow some rules before starting out at Kingged.


  • The comments should not be One-Liners. It should have your thoughts on the topic.
  • Try not to spam.
  • Share some posts too might it be of your blog or of any other blog.
  • Make sure to KING or UNKING the post on which you comment.
I also Made 20$ in one week commenting on Kingged but due to my busy Schedule I couldn’t carry on further. However I will be soon coming back to it. Take me as one of your competitor. 😛 


Go to The Giveaway Rules and Details page from HERE


Apart from this giveaway the benefits from this site are also countless so Don’t waste any more time and join 


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