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Infographic 1: How Google Works ?

Written by Iftekhar Ahmed
Hi friends, Last night while checking up my emails I found this amazing Infographic which is originally created and posted at QuickSprout.
How google workds
Do you wonder how google works ? Google works on hundreds of Algorithms and it’s not easy for us to understand how it all works, but this infographic will surely help you to get an idea about it.MORE ON GOOGLE FROM IFTISEO

How Google Works
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

So how was it ? 
One thing is clear that no matter how simple and easy it looks, but its really complicated at the back end. Its not straight and simple as a page has to pass different tests before showing up in results.

If you want to share this Infographic on your blog or site then go to QuickSprout for the code.

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  • Hi Iftekhar

    I really liked this infographics.

    It is so much beautiful and informative. This infographics can easily explain anybody that how google works.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

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