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How to Add CommentLuv on Blogger Blog

Written by Iftekhar Ahmed
How to add CommentLuv on Blogger Blog

Hi bloggers, today I will be sharing the method to add CommentLuv system on your blogger blog. 

We all know that comments are the best and the easiest way to engage in conversations related to your post with your readers. Many of the bloggers know the importance of blog commenting.  I have recently posted on The Basics of BlogCommenting

What is CommentLuv?

Commentluv is basically a plugin or an add-on that first came for WordPress. It allows readers to comment on a post with their own link posted too. It creates a backlink to your blog. You get a link back to your blog posts by commenting on other blogs. So CommentLuv is one of the best commenting system used by webmasters all around the world as it attract visitors to comment. 

For WordPress users adding CommentLuv is very simple, all they need to do is just install the CommentLuv plugin.
But what about those who use blogger platform??

 No problem. There is a solution for blogger users too.

So here are the steps to add commentluv on your blogger site or blog. (Our site is using it)


2. Signup for a new account. After signing up login to your account and install IntenseDebate on your blog as shown below

 3. Fill in your site name. Weather is may be a blogspot domain or your custom domain as shown below.

4. Click on next step. If your domain name is it will directly recognize the platform as blogger and if you put a custom domain, it will ask for your platform as shown below.

5. After selecting blogger platform. Installation step appears. All you have to do is upload your template you are using on your blog and click “Upload File and Continue” button. (To upload your template, first you need to open your blogger account, go to template editing page, there will be an option to backup your template. Just backup and your complete template will be downloaded. Upload this file).

6. After uploading it will give you the new template file containing IntenseDebate. Just go to your blogger template editing and import this file. Now go to your Intensedebate dashboard. On the bottom right side you can see your sites. Just click on moderate link of the site where you want to put InstenseDebate.

7. Now your current site’s dashboard open. On the left side click on plugins.

8. Now, a list of plugins are shown. You will see CommentLuv plugin also in the list. Just click on activate and you are done.


9. Refresh your blog post and you will now be having a CommentLuv system on your blogger blog.

We are using this same system on our blog. You can change many appearance settings from your dashboard.

I hope I have explained every step in detail, However if you have any problems installing this widget Comment below. 
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About the author

Iftekhar Ahmed

Iftekhar Ahmed is the owner of and writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging etc. He has worked on many blogs and also works as an SEO Analyst.


  • It is true about comment that off-topic no-follow links within your main blog content harm more than that of having off-topic no-follow links within your comment section.

  • Blog commenting and posting is the most powerful and common mean to reach others now a days. The SEO system increase the level of blog posting by improving bloggers skills as introducing new and advance techniques of blogging on internet market. The core point of all this industry is the choice of an article. Although some people use other posts for their promotion but it is the cheapest mean of marketing. SEO makes internet marketing very easy so that anyone can be on internet through his blogs bu using SEO system techniques. As SEO brings revolution is internet marketing and it also provides the necessary traffic to the post or link for it’s promotion on internet which makes it prominent in internet world.
    I have been using commentluv over a year and it has been very effective.

  • Really reviews are valuable when made in a natural way related to the subject that we are dealing with on our site. And I want to thank you here for teaching me how to configure my blogger’s commentluv.

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